Meal Prep Sunday


It’s the part we hate the most – make food list Friday. Well, in the case it was make food list Saturday. Once a week we sit down and write out all dinners for the week, Paige’s lunches for the week and our lunches for the week. Of course, we have to take into account what we have going on in the evenings that week – which is where the difficulty lies.

This week is a tad more busy than normal.

Monday – Joe works off duty but not until 9pm.
Tuesday – Paige has cheer practice and I have an FOP meeting.
Wednesday – Paige has tumbling class.
Thursday – Paige has cheer practice and Joe is traveling for work and will be home late.
Friday – NOTHING!!!

So having evenings like that is hard and would be easy to just say “We don’t have time so just go through a fast food place.” But that won’t make us feel any better. Not saying that there aren’t nights that that happens at all. We are human.

So here is the meal plans for the week:

Saturday – rotisserie chicken and creamy garlic zucchini noodles. Which by the way, we used our “Veggetti” for the first time to made the zucchini noodles and it was awesome!! Highly recommend!

Sunday – Turkey Quinoa Meatballs and roasted broccoli (

Monday – Healthier Meat Lasagna and spinach salad (

Tuesday – Leftover chicken nuggets (frozen from last week), edamame and spinach salad.

Wednesday – Leftover turkey quinoa meatballs (

Thursday – Leftover lasagna

Friday – is open. We like to leave one night open in case things change throughout the week. If all goes as planned then we may go out to eat or something like that.

As for lunches. Our plan is:
Monday – Burrito Bowl ( with shredded chicken breast (

Tuesday – Turkey Burger, brown rice, zucchini and broccoli

Wednesday – Burrito Bowl with shredded chicken breast

Thursday – Turkey Burger, brown rice, zucchini and broccoli

Friday – Burrito Bowl with shredded chicken breast.

So that means Sunday is a day of preparation. We had to make our eggs for the morning. We find that easier. I am eating 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg right now along with oatmeal in the morning. My protein shake and Joe’s rice cakes. Then I made 6 servings of brown rice and 4 turkey burgers. Then I cut up 3 zucchini’s and 3 small heads of broccoli and put them in our rice cooker to steam all at once. I also cut up 3 other heads of broccoli for dinner tonight. I also put 3 large chicken breasts in the crock pot with spices for shredded chicken in the burrito bowls.

Once that was made it was time for assembly. I made the turkey burgers and seasoned with Mrs. Dash, but them up and placed in 4 bowls. I put 1/4 cup brown rice in each bowl and 1 1/2 cup of the vegetable mix. BAM! Tuesday and Thursday lunches made.

Next it’s time to shred the chicken in the crock pot and assemble the burrito bowls. BAM! Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunches done!

Then it was time to make dinner for the night!

Morning snack is a protein shake made with 8oz unsweetened almond milk, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 tsp. flaxseed meal, 1 tsp. chia seeds and a whole banana. My afternoon snack will be an apple with peanut butter.

It’s not easy and not exactly the funnest thing in the world, but it makes our evenings during the week SO much easier. Knowing that we have good, healthy food made is such a relief.

Not every week is like this, but it’s just an example of how meal prep in my house works. Not gonna lie, this weekend wasn’t the best for my diet, but it is what it is. All I can do is move forward and make good decisions. I did get my workout in yesterday and today. I even added on a small run after my Insanity video!!!!

WHEW…ready for the week!!!!

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